8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

You think your French is solid until you find out Croissant means diminutive chi with a lush tan coat, toothpick legs, suede ears and an ever-present peek of pink tongue. She is definitely a delectable morsel, but squishy potato, the universal term of chi endearment, comes more immediately to mind. In any language, this girl is an affectionate and attentive cutie who travels well on tiny tippy toes, mostly to make friends, occupy a lap or give and receive cuddles. Bring her home, make yourself a cafe au lait, and savor her delicious presence.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Croissant is a funny, sweet, opinionated and hilarious little bb! She sleeps peacefully in her crate and hasn’t had any accidents so far. She may have been a free-feeder in the past and can be a bit difficult to eat on a schedule like our other dogs do. She rides well in the car, and likes being carried on walks, but doesn’t last long on them walking herself.

She has zero fear of our 65lb pit bull wild teenager, and lets him know that she’s the tiny boss of the house! She was shy the first day or two with us, but now constantly solicits belly rubs and loves laying with us on the couch. We love Croissant and know she will be a fantastic addition to any chi-loving home!

Croissant Croissant Croissant Croissant Croissant