7 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Oh Crackle, could you be any cuter, with your little tan eyebrows and sweet face? We don’t think so!

This darling little lad is mellow and sweet, but also has enough pep to enjoy trots by your side around your neighborhood. Crackle adores pets and loving attention; he’ll be a great buddy for couch cuddles and Netflix binging. He’s also a fan of other dogs; he lived with several in his previous home. On top of all that, Crackle gets along with kids and cats. Go Crackle!

Here is what his foster has to say!

Crackle is just the cutest little pint-sized chi ever! He’s been through so much but is the bravest, sweetest boy you’ll ever meet. We’ve only had him a few days but here are some things we already love about him:

-He appears to be house-trained, no accidents so far!

-He does GREAT with other dogs, even our two rambunctious boys who are sometimes all up in his business

-Great appetite, has been eating all his meals and takes his meds with ease

-Quite spry for a senior! We have a few stairs and he can navigate them easily. Does well on short neighborhood walks, but given his tiny stature he sure doesn’t mind taking some breaks in your arms (and I suspect he would do great in a little backpack too!)

-Does well on leash, doesn’t pull and seems to have prior experience with leashed walks

-LOVES people and wants to be with them all the time. He loves snuggling in your lap, but is also content to chill in a dog bed if you’ve got stuff to do. We spend alot of time cooking and he loves to just chill and observe from a cozy dog bed we have in our kitchen

He would make a wonderful companion for anyone looking for an adorable little shadow. I’m already sad about the idea of having to say goodbye to him but can’t wait for him to find his forever home!

We’re delighted to report that Crackle is currently in a loving and caring home!

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