4 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Got a fever? The prescription is more Cowbell! Although it may seem that your fever is causing hallucinations of a tiny, angelic, mouse-sized chihuahua, you can rest assured that Cowbell is real! What this tiny bean lacks in size, she makes up for with her immeasurable heart. You won’t be able to get enough Cowbell – let her heal all your ailments and bring infinite love and joy to your home.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Cowbell is a little cutie patootie!! She’s an absolute sweetheart with other dogs, people and kids. She sleeps through the night, is potty trained and loves food. She’s good at short walks and can do a couple of steps but not too many, it’s a big jump when you’re that tiny!

Her favourite thing ever is burrowing under blankets, she’s like a little mole making tunnels and snuggle spots so you’ve gotta be careful where you sit! Every day when we get home we get to have a little 5 minute game of hide and seek uncovering blankets until we find her

Cowbell Cowbell Cowbell