10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

We know you’ve always wanted to adopt Pumba, the lovable warthog from Lion King, but unfortunately you recently found out he’s a fictional character. Don’t fret. Meet Cole, the even more lovable comic-relief here at Muttville. Cole is just like Pumba (tiny tusks, shaped like a potato, tells great jokes) but better. Can an animated warthog follow you around and take little snoozles in your lap? No, but Cole can!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Cole is a super sweet boy. He loves to snuggle and could spend all day laying next to you. He loves to sleep on piles on blankets and doesn’t mind sharing this space with friends.

Cole is a gentleman. He eats well, likes his kibble but will eat at his own pace, I have been giving him 3 small meals which he enjoys. He does his business outside.

He likes his walks, has good energy, prefers shorter walk and is great on a leash. Cole is great with dogs – both big and small, prefers more mellow dogs but is polite to high energy dogs.

Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole Cole