21 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 14 yrs
Status: Available

Are you a fan of Poodles? Or maybe you prefer a Pekingese? Well, what if we told you that you could have both wrapped up in a floofy package! Codename checks all of the boxes. Besides being extremely adorable, he loves cats, he gets down with dogs, he fancies children, and would you believe he’s already house trained. We can’t believe how perfect this dog is! His eyesight is the only thing that may not be perfect about this secret agent but everything else is impeccable! Your mission if you choose to accept, is to bring this boy home, keep him safe, and spoil him like a rare cheese. He only gets better with age!

Here are some notes from his foster:



BODY GUARD – Afraid the enemy will attack in the shower? Code name will lay right on your shower rug to protect you. Work from home and worry your boss will jump out of the screen? Code name is snuggling by your feet under your desk in case of attack. Scared that someone will get you from behind while cooking? Don’t worry, CodeName will be sitting on your feet in the event of emergency. And of course, while you sleep, he will be by your side, snoring to scare away any enemies.

MASTER OF DECEPTION- While CodeName claims he is 14 years old and blind in one eye, we have no supporting evidence for this. He is very agile and full of energy. He has not bumped into a single thing in his current home base. We also have reason to believe that while he is indeed a very good boy, he is also part teddy bear.

SECRET LANGUAGE – CodeName has mastered the lost language of the “Grunt”. If you ask if he wants to go for a walk, he will do one grunt, which translates to “YES”. When he eats, he does multiple grunts, which translates to “I’M SO HAPPY”. This language is known to be very adorable.

SURVEILLANCE- CodeName is very curious and alert on walks, and loves to explore outdoors. He takes his job of surveillance so seriously, that he may not want to come in from walks. He is known to lay down in protest, but then remembers he is also a Body Guard, and comes inside.

SUPER SNUGGLER – CodeName is a certified “Super Snuggler”, which means he is down to snuggle at any time, in any place. When you give CodeName belly rubs, his secret language is unlocked, and he will give multiple grunts to signal you are doing your snuggles correctly.

CodeName has not encountered any children, but we have no reason to believe he wouldn’t do fine in a homebase with older ones. He would do best in a Home Base that has a lot of time to spend with him, as he loves his role of Body Guard and wants to be with his human at all times. CodeName is also fully potty trained, and will signal if he needs to go by going to the front door!

Agent CodeName would love to be your new secret agent/ body guard/ teddy bear!

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