Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel

Terrier, Pit Bull
56 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Such style, such grace, our Coco Chanel is the height of canine elegance! She’s not just a pretty face; Coco is sweet and smushy and oh so lovable. She adores hugs and cuddles; make sure you have enough room on your couch (and lap) for her. Don’t let her cropped ears fool you; she’s a 100% lovebug!

A Coco superfan has covered her adoption fee!!

Here’s a note from her foster!

Coco is a loving, loyal and tender pit bull. She loves hanging out cuddling with kids and adults and loves to have an extra snuggle. She loves to take walks and also enjoys afternoon naps snuggling with the kids.

A family dog for sure or just surrounded with many people-she has so much love to give and she is all for receiving love and affection and snuggles!

Coco is an absolute dream of a girl! She is loving, tender, and kind in every way.

She is the type of gal you take to the store and lays by the counter with the sales team getting pets while you shop. She is friends with all people! She has gone to cafes for coffee with me, an outdoor mall, and even went to my 88 year old grandpa’s house and loved him!

She can easily jump in and out of the car, and rides calmly, looking out the window. Loves walks (and walks oh so well!), knows commands like sit, stay, leave it, and is totally housebroken.

If you don’t want a dog that wants to be in your lap snoring – Coco isn’t the gal for you. Her favorite thing is to be laying on you, belly up, snoring with her paw draped over you. She instantly used me as her safety blanket. It took her an hour to claim me as her person – and I’m sure she would do that with anyone.

On walks, she notices and watches other dogs intently. She should be in a home without competition for attention from another dog or cat. She definitely wants to be the queen of her castle!!

Coco has a little bit of separation distress and manifests it in some low mutterings while you are away but nothing disruptive. I have left her for a few hours and she is fine when I return and neighbors said they didn’t hear much of anything. I do think she isn’t the kind of dog you would want to leave for 8 hours every day – she wants her people around so she can use them as her pillow as much as possible!

When I first began my foster time with her, she jumped up on my bed, tail wagging, and threw her head on my chest. You can really see how kind and committed she is.

Coco is just the perfect lady and whoever ends up with her is going to feel loved, needed, and appreciated every single day with her.

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