Coco Beans

Coco Beans

Terrier, American Pit Bull/Rottweiler
67 lbs (large)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Luxurious and smooth to the touch. The girl is someone you can’t live without! Once you meet her you will absolutely be addicted. Coco Beans works on an Organic Farm in Mendocino County with her two favorite cousins Vanilla Beans and Coffee Beans. She enjoys working alongside her relatives. To her, family is everything! On Saturdays she has a small table at the farmers market in Oakland and sells her famous fresh baked cookies and fine chocolates! Her creations are decadent and the most delicious! People line up early at her stand because often times she sells out of everything. Everyone at the market loves her for her generosity and kindness. She gives free samples to any children that come to her table. Coco Beans is the friendliest Pitty you’ll ever meet! We’re in love with the Coco!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Coco Beans is the perfect companion! She settled into a routine quickly. She’s walks well on a leash and loves to stop and smell the roses! She loves to nap and sleeps through the night, with little bursts of energy to play and go on walks. She’s perfectly house trained! Coco Beans loves to play with toys, squeaky toys and tug of war are her favorites! She especially loves to rip the squeaker out of squeaky toys. She tries to chase cats on walks, so she might not make the best companion for a cat. She also is a bit particular with other dogs and sometimes growls when walking past another dog, but doesn’t seem aggressive. She’s fairly quiet, only barking when strangers come to the door or when she’s excited to play! She loves to be pet and will show you her big brown puppy dog eyes when you stop. Overall, Coco Beans will be an excellent companion for someone looking for an easygoing pup to go on walks and play with and have a loving presence in the home!

Meet Coco Beans
Watch Coco Beans vie for Uli's affection
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