Chihuahua Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Available from another shelter

Meet Clove. This amazing pup was rescued as a priority medical case and underwent surgery to remove his eyes to eliminate the pain. While Clove may lack eyesight, it doesn’t slow him down!

His sense of smell and sounds are off the charts. Clove only needs a short time to get acquainted with his environment and he’ll navigate like a pro. Clove’s superpower inspires happiness wherever his four tiny paws take him!

Clove is not just a resilient pup; he’s also incredibly friendly and sociable. Despite his lack of eyesight, he has a big heart full of love for both dogs and cats. He adores making new furry friends and gets along famously with creatures big and small. Whether it’s a playful romp with fellow canines or a gentle cuddle session with feline companions, Clove’s sweet disposition and boundless enthusiasm shine through. His superpower isn’t just inspiring happiness; it’s also building bridges between different animals, fostering harmony and love wherever he goes.

A sweet boy, Clove adores snuggling and being with his people. Rumor has it that he can be persuaded with treats, treats, and more treats. Clove is learning the ropes from his foster furry siblings and is ready to join a resident dog pal in his future home.

Help pave Clove’s road to success with love, patience and a few extra belly rubs! Fill out the online application and a volunteer will respond in a few days.









This is a courtesy post. Clove. is not a Muttville dog. If you are interested in adopting Clove. and want to learn more about him, please contact: Rescue the Underdog

Posted on 05.14.24

Clove. Clove. Clove. Clove. Clove.