10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Someone please help us come up with a word that describes something so adorably scrappy, so cutely crunchy, so marvelously messy and in need of TLC that you just want to scream with love. Crunchenfreude? Muttzenkugel? Scruffadocious? Whatever the word is, we will apply it to Clancy! He is a bit creaky and he has some truly award-winning bedhead, but OMG, don’t you just want to take him home and make him a nice warm bed and cuddle him in it? He is a very sweet and gentle fellow who is so deserving of all the stuff we just described! We know that his little face will speak to the right (and very lucky) person.

A few notes about Clancy from his Foster mom:

Clancy is a cuddly boy who enjoys sleeping with his person, though he needs some help getting on and off the bed. He also has a great appetite. He will need a little work on his leash training as we think he may have been carried most places. He enjoys being close to his human and would love a home where someone was around most of the time. He knows how to use Potty pads and is working on outdoor potty training as well. Overall, he’s a sweet adorable boy who deserves a really wonderful home.

We’re delighted to report that Clancy is currently in a loving and caring home!