7 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

According to the Wisdom Library, Ciri means something in Hinduism, Sanskrit, Buddhism, Pali, Marathi, Jainism, Prakrit, biology, and Tamil. At Muttvile, it means teeny chi sweetie pie with beagle ears and lovely manners. She could be a Buddhist, given her calm demeanor and practice of loving kindness, but that’s just a guess. We do know she is agile and friendly, a fan of pets and TLC. And we are absolutely certain you would love her.

Here’s some notes from her foster!

Ciri is doing great! Even after her surgery to remove one of her eyes, she is 100% mobile and everything is normal. She is food motivated, she doesn’t eat all of her food, and will snack throughout the day. She will even give you a happy dance, and hop on her back legs. We are using treats to potty train, and positive affirmation when she goes outside.

She is a lover and not a fighter! She loves your attention, belly rubs, scratches behind the ears. She’s not big on her dog bed, and loves to curl up on the sofa. She will kindly let you know she wants more pets, massage and attention by pawing at your hand

Every stranger and dog is her new best friend. She would do best in a home with another animal to play with. Big or small, she really does love them all! The girl loves to be outside and go on long walks! She will take charge and lead the way! She’s great on leash, the park and anywhere outdoors.

At bed time, she prefers to sleep in bed with you. A future adopter should be okay with this, or work with Ciri on another option. She will sleep for a bit in her bed, then tip toe around the room to wake you up and join you. THE GOOD NEWS: She doesn’t roll around or move! Light sleepers rejoice! She will stay in the one spot.

She has no problem being outside in the rain, enjoys the puddles. Not fazed by the Roomba, hand vacuum or carpet cleaner. Was not fazed when I gave her a bath in the kitchen sink. Does great in the car. Loves going to ocean beach.

She continues to be a social butterfly. She’s generally curious and loves to say a polite hello. When neighborhood dogs have been more exuberant than she likes (e.g., puppies with zoomies) she’s given them polite barks – but is very gentle and generally non-reactive

She’s a real snuggle bug and loves to sit in your lap or join you on the couch but she’s also just chillin by herself. We’ve left her alone for a few hours a day and she’s reacted well. She’ll take a few laps around the apartment and attempt to look out the windows (but she’s too short!) before settling down.

She doesn’t bark or appear anxious – she just loves her humans and wants to be part of the fun. When you come home you’re in for a celebration as she welcomes with her happy dance and licks

Speaking of, she loves adventures! She’s been to the beach a few times and enjoys long walks where she can run, sniff, and say hi to all her new best friends. She’s been just fine with 3-4 miles a day and will happily match your energy level

All around a really lovely, lovable, not clingy dog, who wants to Netflix and chill with you!

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