Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
57 lbs (large)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Sweet Chica is the total package! This happy girl loooves to snuggle with her people and gets along great with other dogs!

Here is what her foster has to say!

Chica is pure joy! She is extremely affectionate and happy, and very easy going. She enjoys some activity, like going for walks (especially if you’re going down-hill) or sniffing in the backyard, but mostly she enjoys napping wherever her humans are during the day. And if she has a chance to nap in the sunshine, she will take it!

Chica loves to be pet, and absolutely LOVES belly rubs. She’s also a leaner who will try to sit in your lap to be as close to you as possible. She also loves to eat and will tell you when she thinks it’s meal time! Chica does very well with our labrador, now that the excitement of another dog has worn off, and they have started to take naps together on the same bed. She also enjoys chewing on toys. Chica is very potty trained and will whine at the door if she really needs to “go”. She is truly one special, sweet and gentle girl!

Chica Chica Chica Chica Chica Chica

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