Chi Chi De Vayne

Chi Chi De Vayne

9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Let us introduce you to a little Chihuahua, Chi Chi DeVayne! Her sweet and friendly nature will wow-ya!

She’s got one ear up, one ear down, A signature look that’s sure to astound. She is super sweet and always so kind, this Chihuahua is one of a kind! From her wagging tail to her little nose, she’s a precious pup that everyone knows. Chi Chi DeVayne is our adorable Chihuahua with the signature one ear up, one ear down that melts hearts wherever she goes. She is a tiny but mighty pup, full of boundless energy and agility that never fails to impress. She loves to play and explore, and her curiosity knows no bounds. Whether it’s chasing a ball, exploring new smells, or cuddling up with her favorite humans, Chi Chi DeVayne is always eager to have fun. Her good energy is contagious, and she always manages to put a smile on the faces of those around her. Despite her playful nature, our chi chi has a gentle side. She loves to snuggle up and relax with her loved ones, and she’s always there to provide comfort and companionship when it’s needed most. In short, Chi Chi DeVayne is an amazing Chihuahua with a big heart and boundless energy. Whether you’re looking for a loyal companion or a fun-loving playmate, she is sure to bring joy and excitement into your life.

Here’s what her foster has to say:

Chi Chi is friendly around the other dogs and people we’ve come across, as well as with my cat!

She’s definitely got fearless energy. She seems to be totally housebroken. She’ll wait to relieve herself outside. She’s doing well with the stairs in my building and also on the steps in the nearby park; she wasn’t hesitant at all going up/down them. She has a healthy appetite too. Girl loves to eat!

Chi Chi is incredibly snuggly. Last night, she burrowed under my blankets on the bed and curled up with me. And I haven’t heard her bark at all. I had to go to my office this morning for a few hours and I waited a bit in the hallway outside my apartment after leaving to see if I could hear anything, and didn’t hear a peep. Good girl Chi Chi!!

She’d be a wonderful addition to her future forever home!

We’re delighted to report that Chi Chi De Vayne is currently in a loving and caring home!

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