Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
42 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

Big boy Chef is the Fonz of dogs. He knows he’s cool, rides a motorcycle, and is played by Hollywood legend Henry Winkler. Chef is confident, gentle, and respectful – you’ll never have to worry about him stealing the mic from you when you’re trying to make a speech. And he’s ever so gracious about signing autographs and taking selfies. This top dog is a grade A sweetheart. All together now: YES CHEF!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Part mutt, part mini pig – you may hear snorts and snuffles from this handsome guy! Chef is supremely affectionate and friendly, and loves love from people of all ages. Chef has never met a stranger; he appreciates scratches from any person he passes on walks! He is the true definition of a lovebug.

Chef also gets along with all dogs, including more energetic younger dogs and very senior and sometimes-grumpy chihuahuas.

Chef walks politely on leash. He doesn’t walk especially far or fast, but he’s an eager participant in strolls and trots along nicely next to his human. We discovered that Chef will even let you know that he’d like a walk by going over to a bell on the door, ringing it, then looking over at his person!! He doesn’t do it too often, and never at night-he’s a very considerate guy.

Chef is a heavy breather who snores when he sleeps. It really is the cutest thing EVER! Loves sleeping in crates with the door open or on a bath mat even if comfy beds are available.

Chef is reliably trained to potty on pee pads. He often prefers pads over going outside; sometimes he seems a bit shy or nervous to potty outside in public while on a leash. We suspect he may get more comfortable pottying outside when he’s even more familiar with his environment and is more settled in. In the meantime, he’s very consistent with pee pad use!

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