Status: Adopted

What an underbite! What a dog! Cheewee is a one-of-a-kind cutie with a one-of-a-kind smile!

This little sweetie loves a lap for snuggles and a walk by your side to check out all the sniffs and smells. He’s got pep in his step and might even enjoy going on hikes. Cheewee gets along well with other dogs too!

Here’s a Note from his foster:

CheeWee is the sweetest boy and in 3 days has completely stolen my heart! He was pretty nervous when we first brought him home but he quickly got comfortable and now he’s my cuddly shadow. He’s quick to bond, loves treats (he does a really cute thing where he runs away with treats and plays with them like toys before eating them up), and is super chill and loving.

CheeWee loves to go on walks and smell the flowers. He is very energetic (good to walk for a long time and doesn’t tire easily) but calm inside the house. He likes to jump in my lap but he’s also able to independently go to his little dog bed and he even stays there when I walk around other areas of the house. If he’s comfortable he’ll sleep a lot during the day and is definitely a sun-chaser. He is a big smiler and always turns his head to check on the person walking him – adorable!

CheeWee hasn’t had any accidents – I walk him in the morning and evening and let him roam in the backyard while I’m working close by during the day. He has been fairly quiet, but does let out a small bork when he hears noises in the yard. He eats all his food in the morning and evening and his pottys have been totally normal since he got here. He hasn’t marked anything in the house so he definitely seems very well potty trained.

He does seem to like to spend time very close to his person, so I think he’d be a perfect fit for someone who is generally home during the day.

I love CheeWee <3

We’re delighted to report that Cheewee is currently in a loving and caring home!

Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee Cheewee

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