14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Chappie flawlessly pulls off the one ear up, one ear down look. Not all dogs can achieve this level of style, ladies and gentlemen. Chappie is one of the best male models out there, and we are just grateful that he has blessed us with his presence here at Muttville.

Here’s a note from his foster:

Chappie is a sweet lump of a boy! He needs a home where he can get all the fuss he needs. If another dog gets fussy, you can count on Chappie to come over for his share. If you give him a good ear scratch he will let you know with low rumblings of joy!

In addition, I think you could record and sell his gentle snores to white noise machines companies. The noise is the sound of peaceful dreams of treats and cuddles. Chappie’s energy level is pretty low, but every once in a while a good patch of clover will cause him to…almost frolic.

He loves other dogs and I think he could be a great dog for a family. Chappie would do well with another dog who he can cuddle with at night!

Chappie Chappie Chappie Chappie Chappie Chappie