Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie/Mix
7 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Chai Latte is a precious girl made with the finest whole milk. She is the perfect blend of spices, tiny tail wags, and love. Her eagerness to say hey to people and dogs is only rivaled by her eagerness for snacks. And is there anything better than a warm Chai in your lap on a cold day?

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ready for a little Chai in your life? The coffee alternative that’s bound to make you smile when you wake you up? This little Yorkie was a wonderful house guest, she walked in, sniffed and explored, then immediately found a bed and made herself comfy. She didn’t make a peep except when she snored or sneezed to clear her nasal passage (surgery happening soon), she was friendly to every person, every dog. She ate like a champ and had no trouble hanging out with my senior 12+year old 8 lbs. Chi-Italian Greyhound and 5 month old 60 lbs. puppy. Chai is visually challenged but could see well enough to get around the house and yard, and she started following me around everywhere. She could get down the 2 steps from my house to the yard but needed help back up, she would do best in a house without steps/stairs. She was comfortable being pick up and held, and it was easy giving her meds in a pill pocket, and putting in her eye salve. She is a good little trooper, I didn’t see anything that scared her or got her upset, she’s one cool confident pup. She would sleep with her face buried in a bed or blanket and her snores were the sweetest little snarfle snook snook. She slept through the night and much of the day. This girl deserves all the comfort and love possible, each day should be safe and warm and kind. If this is you, come and meet sweet Chai.

Chai Chai Chai