21 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Meet Ceci, the adorable dog with the most beautiful face you’ve ever seen. She’s a truly fantastic companion that brings joy wherever she goes. Just take a glance at her and you’ll be captivated by her happiness and friendly nature.

Ceci has a remarkable ability to get along with everyone she meets. Even though she’s new to the scene, she’s already showcasing her calm and chill demeanor. Her constant smile is infectious, and it’s hard not to feel happy around her.

With Ceci, every moment is a delightful one. Her friendly and calm attitude make her an absolute treasure. So, if you haven’t met Ceci yet, you’re missing out on a heartwarming experience with a furry friend who’ll always keep you smiling.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ceci has been such a wonderful guest at our house! With a consistent routine she has shown to be fully potty trained and sleeps through the night! She does have to potty very quickly after she wakes up but it is no trouble! She is so fun loving and friendly, with so much playful energy, she loves running and does wonderfully up and down stairs! She can even get up on the couch and the human bed on her own.

On top of all of this, she is SUCH the cuddle bug! Once she decides you are her human, she will want to be touching at ALL times and will follow you everywhere you go. She loves to cuddle up and nap on your lap, she absolutely LOVES belly rubs! She is very very food motivated and treat motivated, in fact she does dancy dance jumps when dinner is on its way!

Also she knows her name and comes when she is called! She is great on leash! She is very friendly with all people and all dogs and has not shown any signs of aggression at all. She also does very well in the car. We have left her alone before and she calmly jumped on the couch and napped until we got home. BASICALLY, she is 100% good girl.

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