Terrier, Yorkshire, Yorkie
9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Wee Caspian, a pint-sized brew of terrier goodness, is an undercover dog. Which is to say, he loves to spend time under covers. Duvets, blankies, a threadbare towel – he’s going in and he’s getting comfortable. He often exposes enormous brown peepers and a tiny mustachioed snoot to get a sniff and keep an eye on the action. You will take several hundred photos of this move and send them to your friends. When’s he’s not embedded, Caspian, who looks like a Yorkie version of a 1920’s railroad tycoon, is making friends and influencing people, satisfying his craving for snuggles and snoogs. Take him home, love him fiercely, and watch where you sit.

Here’s what his foster has to say!!

I am in love with Caspian! First of all, he’s a looker. I’ve only had him a couple days but people notice how handsome he is upon first glance on walks. He sleeps in a little circle formation and loves being cuddled up in blankets. He’s not the biggest fan of car rides but he still toughs them out anyway. The guy is little but he is very stoic! He’s really good in apartments with noise concerned neighbors because he’s very independent and appears to be fine left alone. He’s very non reactive to other dogs. A dog could be barking at him and he won’t make a sound and looks unphased.

He would rather be outside on a stroll then at a dog run! The little guy does really well during baths and doesn’t make a peep. He’s really friendly with people but can get overwhelmed when there’s too many (I tried to take him out on Haight St. and he was just stuck there standing staring at everyone). Even when he’s overwhelmed he is a super good boy. My friend and I ate sandwiches in the park with him and he doesn’t beg, really.

I know whoever adopts him is going to be completely in love!

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