Captain Louie

Captain Louie

5 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Captain Louie Is one of nature’s grand experiments. Packed into his wee chi body is the kinetic energy of a tiny rollercoaster. Velvety brown with pink accents and pointy ears, he weighs in at a scant 5 pounds and brims with maximum pep and curiosity. He sniffs, smiles, and kisses his way into new friendships and daily adventures with a walk made of wiggles, hops, skips and a smattering of flamenco moves. The guy is a little love carnival. Are you ready to give him a permanent venue?

Here’s some notes from his foster:

This 5-lb chihuahua is brimming with love and a tail that never stops wagging. Captain Louie would cuddle all day long if he could but is also happy to just sit on the couch while I work or watch TV. He’s a peppy little character who was cautious meeting my male housemate and his dog but was quickly won over with treats and petting.

He understands that yard time is potty time though he seems to prefer short walks for pottying. His appetite is normal and he takes his pills just fine with a bit of cheese around them. He barks when he is first put into the crate but settles down after a few minutes and does fine when left alone, though he prefers to be with his human.

He really loves to snuggle with a blanket on the couch. He gets a little playful after eating breakfast and enjoys chasing me around the living room. At bedtime and in the morning he loves to snuggle up really close to me and rolls over for belly rubs.

Captain Louie is adjusting well to the home and hasn’t had any accidents in 3 days, but I still crate him for an hour or two when I have to go out without him. But he’s such a fantastic little companion that I often take him with me on appointments and errands in a sling.

He’s a clever little guy who sneaks out of his clothes and harness. He loves to curl up under the blanket and is so small and quiet that for a minute, I thought I lost him. Although he loves being pet, he doesn’t need much attention and would do fine if you had to work during the day. He is the perfect little chill pill.

He is the most confident chihuahua in the dog park! He politely lets dogs big and small sniff him, and he happily sniffs them right back. He likes to explore the park and leave his mark. When other dogs bark, he’ll sometimes join in. Not one to play with puppies, but he will happily trot along a canine friend and sniff around.

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