12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Calling all cuddle addicts! Boy do we have the perfect dog for you!

Cameron is here to give you your cuddle fix. He just loves to cozy up and snuggle the heck out of you! Cameron feels as comfortable as can be when he’s picked up. The feeling of him relaxing into your body is the sweetest thing! If you have a cozy lap or loves lazy lounging days l definitely fill out an application for Cameron today. He can’t wait to meet you!

Cameron’s cuteness makes you not even realize he’s diabetic. Thanks to Muttville his diabetes is regulated and he bounds down the hallway for food!! He’s just such an all around great boy.

Here’s a note from his foster!

Cameron, though blind, does an amazing job of getting around both in the house and on leash walks! He will follow you everywhere you go in the house. In the back yard he explores freely, checking in with you every now and then. Of course he loves food-he is a dog after all. He gets fed twice a day, twelve hours apart and takes his insulin injections without incident. Usually he doesn’t even feel it!

He will happily sleep in a dog bed on the floor near your bed or on your bed. He loves to cuddle! He curls up sleeping or just resting most of the time that I’m not moving around. I’ve had no problems leaving him at home by himself for a few hours. He really likes people and wags his tail each time we meet a person on our walks! Cameron is a happy and enthusiastic guy!

We’re delighted to report that Cameron is currently in a loving and caring home!

Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron Cameron

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