Shepherd, Australian
58 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Meet everyone’s favorite snack, Calamari. Have you ever gotten into bed at night and settled in with a book, only to realize you forgot your reading glasses in the other room? If you adopt Calamari and train her to fetch reading glasses, you’d never have this dilemma again. This sweet old lady loves to please, and although here eyesight isn’t what it used to be, she still sees the good in everyone. Good girl, Calamari!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Calamari is such a sweetie. She spends most of her time napping, but when she’s awake she’s quite the curious girl. She likes to do laps around our home, slowly checking things out, and then checking them out again. And again. She has a mellow, good natured disposition and has not presented any behavioral challenges in the least.

Calamari is fully potty trained and seems well-experienced on leash. When the leash gets under one of her front legs, she’ll lift her paw so that it can be fixed. And she’s proving to be quite sturdy on her feet. Our wooden floors can be a bit slippery, but she navigates them well. She’s also been demonstrating a lot more confidence in herself after just two days. We were unsure of how she’d handle the set of three rather steep steps up to our unit, but she’s able to navigate them fully on her own in both directions.

So she seems able bodied and steady. She loves exploring when we go on walks and takes an interest in sniffing around. At the same time, she will heed your lead and will readily carry on when you let her know it’s time to continue on. She walks at a calm, even pace and has no leash reactivity.

Really she’s an incredibly sweet, gentle, good natured girl and I imagine she’d be a great fit for anyone looking for a low key, easy-to-love pet.

Other than that, the only thing that is probably worth adding is that she continues to be rather disinterested in her food. I know this was the case when she was at HQ, so it’s nothing new. She is completely happy to eat other types of food-peanut butter and bread, for example. But when it comes to her prescribed food, she didn’t touch it yesterday morning or this morning. She did have a good amount of it last night, but it required putting some on a spoon and letting her eat it off bite by bite. So it doesn’t seem to be a matter of fully refusing to eat; it’s more than she’s currently pretty picky. Hopefully it’s just a matter of time until her appetite normalizes, but just wanted to give you that update. I know she’d also experienced some vomiting while at HQ, but that has not been an issue since we’ve had her.

Calamari Calamari Calamari Calamari