8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Meet Cadence, the melody of goodness in a fur coat! A good girl, oh so sweet, her love is a rhythm, a heartwarming beat. Dog compatibility, she’s got the key, with other pups, she’s full of glee.

Cadence, a symphony of joy and grace, with a smile that lights up any space. A harmonious soul, she’s a treasure indeed, a perfect companion for those in need.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Cadence has been with me 3 days and I can say that she is a very engaging, loving little soul. She

eats well, she has had no potty accidents and she is becoming more playful each day.

She is quiet. I have heard her bark once at a child running by my house, but she has calmly

interacted with other dogs and my cat. She will fetch a small toy but does not seem interested

in balls. This is a good way to give her more exercise.

She follows me everywhere. She likes scratches on her head and tummy. She gives kisses. She

will sit on my lap, or sleep curled up in her small bed. She walks well on a leash but seem to get anxious if we get too far from the house. I have not taken her to a park yet due to the weather.

Stairs are no problem She comes when called, sometimes with encouragement to go outside. She seems to need to go potty every 2-3 hours and is beginning to give signs when she wants to go out. She will begin to walk to the back door.

She sleeps through the night and is affectionate and frisky in the morning. She waitspatiently for breakfast after taking her morning pill. She is very food motivated and she loves treats. She is beginning to "sit for them. I try not to overdo this too much as she could use to lose a few pounds.

Overall, she is a wonderful, easy, loving dog without fears or too much anxiety. She clearly has

lived in a house before. She has good manners. She seems to like men and women equally. I

have not seen her interact with kids.

Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence Cadence