18 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

What do you get when you have a chihuahua and a potato? A chitato! Buster is the most perfect example of a Chitato, and also the most perfect mutt. He is round, waggy, polite, smiles, an instant mood booster, easy and of course, adorable. Buster has quickly become a favorite at Muttville because of his perfectness and his cuteness. He is quite possibly the perfect pooch! Run – do not walk – to scoop up this stud today!

Here’s some notes from his foster!


Buster is every bit the friendly, affectionate potato you’d assume from his photos. He gets along with all the people and dogs we’ve come across so far, and doesn’t take long to warm up to his caretakers.

As for what kind of dog he is, anyone’s guess is as good as mine. I assume he’s some kind of chihuahua and rat terrier mix, and he’s a bit probably bigger than you think from photos – he’s definitely not a standard chihuahua.

So far he’s been very easy to have around the home. He eats all his meals, takes all his meds, and doesn’t complain. When I’m busy working, he is completely content to hang out in a nearby dog bed, and when it’s couch time he loves to snuggle. But he’s not just a couch potato – he’s also quite happy to go on walks and explore the neighborhood! Oh, and of course he’s potty trained.

I bet that as he continues his weight loss journey, he will transform even more – I guess from a bulk bin Russet potato to one of those fancy purple heirloom ones. Overall, he seems very healthy and I bet once he slims down a bit people will assume he’s a dog half his age.

Basically, anyone would be lucky to have this lovebug in their home – I know I am for now!

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