Queensland Heeler/Rottweiler
60 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Buoy is a Goldilocks mutt. A guy with all the best parts of all the breeds that add up to him, with a twist of something special all his own. He’s sweet, handsome and hunky, with shiny black fur and blazing red highlights. He’s round – no edges whatsoever – and his ears are both tiny and perky. He’s a lover and a sniffer, a poet and a prince. He’ll explore if that’s on the menu, or chill if that’s the mood of the day. He says yes to other dogs, humans, short walks and stairs. He’s not a porridge fan, but neither are you. Come and get his love!

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Buoy is settling in nicely. He is perfectly capable on stairs and a natural at apartment living.

I had some guests over and he expected (and got) belly rubs from everyone.

Buoy loves belly rubs and walks and will politely remind you when he is due for one or both.

He would be happy to lumber around the financial district for hours (just not in the heat of the day) looking into every office lobby, and he ran around like a young pup when he got to spend an afternoon in a fenced yard.

He is friendly and calm when meeting new people. He is house broken. He takes an interest in food preparation, but does not beg during meals. He is great on the leash – he does not react when small dogs bark at him.

Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy Buoy