15 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Hey there Bugsy, how are you so muttastic? Is it your charming smile? Your scruffilicious coat? Or your lovely personality? It’s all of the above!

Bugsy is a sweet guy with a really soft nature. He enjoys pets and gentle attention and will blossom in a mellow home. He’s also a fan of other dogs and would be happy to join a multi-mutt family.

Here’s what his foster has to say:

“Bugsy is a very good boy, especially for only being with me for a few days. He is a quiet guy, and has very little anxiety indoors. Bugsy is great with my three dogs, and I think they are helping him feel more comfortable. He is my little shadow, and is already giving kisses. He has made huge gains in just a couple of days. He even jumped up on the sofa last night to cuddle, and his little tail is already starting to wag regularly!

Having been a stray on the street has made him pretty anxious outside, traffic and loud noises are scary for him, so we’re still figuring out his house training manners. He has gone potty outside, but he gets distracted easily by the scary city sounds and cars, so he would likely thrive in a house with a yard, or somewhere quiet outside the city.

He is very loving and warm. He doesn’t bark when I leave him. He is a tad hand shy at first, but comes up to you if you sit down. I can see him coming out of his shell In a few days in any calm and loving home, one with a doggie sibling or siblings could be a plus.

Bottom line is that Bugsy is a really loving and great pup, and those amazing ears, are definitely one of his most adorable features!"

We’re delighted to report that Bugsy is currently in a loving and caring home!

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