38 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 9 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Don’t let the photos fool you: Buckeye is no small rat terrier. He’s a strong medium sized hunk of terrier. This lovely guy has plenty of get up and go. Buckeye loves to be out and about and walks well on leash. He’ll be a great buddy for jaunts around town and hikes in the park.

Here’s what his foster has to say!

Buckeye is a very good boy. He seems to have had ‘some training’ because he is very gentle in the house and is house trained. He is learning the command "sit, stay, and come.

I’ve invited him up to be with me on the couch while watching TV and he loves scritches and belly rubs!

He is food motivated and loves any treat but also he doesn’t beg for food when I’m eating or snacking. He likes to explore his environment and is always on alert to what is around him.

He walks pretty well on a lease and LOVES getting out but because he’s strong you need to be in control with him as he likes to lead, walk fast and because, he’s a terrier, he wants to chase things that move quickly!

Buckeye is fine with other large and small dogs and is not aggressive towards them at all. I’ve taken him to a dog park and though he doesn’t fetch or run after balls he was good with all the

other dogs.

He sleeps (almost) through the night in his doggie bed I place by my bed or on my bed but he needs to walked/let out in the yard first thing in the morning. Like most dogs who have been given up by their owner, he has some mild separation anxiety as he

wants to know where I am all the time. This should get better once he’s settled with his new family.

Buckeye will flourish:

- in an active home, if you hike or take long walks, or run (I assume he’d like to run with you) or

just be out and about in the world-he’d like to go with you.

- If you have a secure backyard that he could go out and roam in it, he would love that!

- If you take him the a local dog park often-he’d love you for that!

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