9 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Your eyes aren’t deceiving you: we have another perfect Pom! Meet Brooklyn!

When this fluffy tangerine dream prances by, heads turn. She’s not just a pretty face; Brooklyn is also sweet and friendly. Brooklyn makes friends everywhere she goes and can’t wait to be your new BFF!

Here’s a note from her foster:

Brooklyn may be small but she’s got more than enough love to go around. She does great with humans, taking a very short time to warm up before she insists you give her a belly rub. She’s also a very gracious lovebug and will smother you with kisses for any and all affection you show her. Brooklyn loves when her favorite people are never too far away. She’s still getting used to being alone so she would do best with someone who is home often or has the ability to wean her into solo time. So far she seems quite unbothered by other dogs, paying little to no attention to them. She’s also very accustomed to loud noises and seems unmoved by the symphony of city life. She’s only ever barked when outside a few times and once when we very briefly left her alone in the apartment. Otherwise, unlike her namesake, she’s quiet as a mouse.

This little lady loves an exciting walk around town and can go exceptionally far for her size without struggle. Once she gets tired she’ll slow her pace letting you know she’s ready to get the handheld treatment. Though she can’t walk super far for extensive adventures, she stays very calm and has been quite happy to venture out on a hike in a doggy backpack or even in a bike basket. Very chill, 10/10 would recommend as simultaneous adventure buddy and weight training.

Housebreaking has been going well, with a few very small accidents in the apartment. She’s gotten the hang of pee pads and mostly contains her accidents to the designated pad area. When taken outside, she’s quick to find her favorite potty spots and doesn’t take long to get done with her business.

We’re delighted to report that Brooklyn is currently in a loving and caring home!

Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn Brooklyn

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