Catahoula Leopard Dog/Mix
84 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Our advice? Take a deep breath before clapping eyes on Bronson. It may help you keep it together as you face his staggering beauty. The terracotta spots and speckles, the pink nose, huge grin and – we are not lying – baby blue eyes. It’s a hailstorm of handsome. And there’s more. He’s a big ole cuddle bug. (Accent on the big.) He wants to sit in your lap. Now, later, forever. Maybe sit on your feet. Maybe just admire you from afar. Love. It’s what makes Bronson a Bronson. Come ogle and scratch! Then adopt.

Some notes from his foster:

Bronson is a total cow print teddy bear :) He has the gentlest demeanor and is a huge cuddle bug. He is super warm and friendly to people and dogs alike, wagging his tail when he meets anyone new.

He is house trained and wouldn’t even dare to beg for food. He loves his walks around the neighborhood, taking in all the smells. He loves sleeping on the big bed with me. He is generally an early to rise, early to bed kinda guy.

I think Bronson would be adaptable in nearly any situation. He is startled by noises but it doesn’t seem to get him down. I think he would love to be a part of an active household, with the opportunity for long walks, visits to the beach, or hikes.

I can’t recommend this sweet guy enough! He is going to make some lucky adopter very happy one day!!

Bronson Bronson Bronson Bronson Bronson Bronson Bronson Bronson