Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
57 lbs (large)
Status: Adopted

Of all the dog rescues in all the towns in all the world, Bogart walked into ours and we couldn’t be happier! This handsome hunk is full of fun and joie de vivre! His big pittie smile is irresistible. Playing, going for walks by your side and snuggling on the couch are his top three favorite things to do. Don’t tell him he’s too big to be a lap dog!

Here’s a note from his foster!

Bogart is such a sweet dog and very much a gentle giant. He is mellow, quiet, and a good snuggler (he doesn’t know he’s too big to be a cuddling dog!). His activity level is low/medium, so long hikes might be a bit much for him, but he loves his walks around the neighborhood.

He has no problem with other dogs. I have had him here with a senior chihuahua and 2 younger terriers, and he does great with all of them. But mostly, he loves his humans. He follows us around from room to room to see what we are up to, and greets us with big tail wags whenever we come home. He makes a great companion. He’s also good with meeting new people and having strangers (to him) come to the house. My parents visited for a few days and he immediately wanted to rest his head on their laps and become friends.

He is a good eater and not picky about food. Overall, he is a happy boy who is always wagging his tail and looking for snuggles. He’s a big, goofy guy who is easy to love!

We’re delighted to report that Bogart is currently in a loving and caring home!

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