8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted for hospice care

Meet Blizzard, the pint-sized Chihuahua with a heart as vast as the winter sky. Friendly and sweet, this little guy’s a treat, spreading joy to everyone he meets. Among other dogs, he’s a gem, shining bright like a precious little gem. His cuddles are warm, his heart is true, always ready to share love with you. With a wag of his tail and a sparkle in his eye, Blizzard’s the kind of buddy that’ll make you fly. In a world full of cheer, he’s the one you’ll hold dear, bringing happiness so near. Adopt Blizzard, and let this tiny charmer make your days brighter and warmer.

This dog is hospice due to the following medical conditions: advanced age and heart disease.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

To be honest there are no cons with Mr. Blizzard

He’s become adorably more vocal and beeps and squeaks but doesn’t bark. He’s respectful of quiet hours and mostly talks to you when he wants to go out, wants food, requires your attention, or has strong opinions about your Netflix preferences (he will sit on your lap and literally watch TV with you)

He is such a curious fellow and wants to put his nose in everything. He’s especially fond of other dogs and wants to say hello to everyone in the neighborhood. He’s working on his appetite and likes to eat throughout the day.

This guy is quite the athlete! He’s working on standing on his hind legs and last night he went up two flights of stairs! He was SO proud of himself. He’s also a looong walker. We did a 2 mile stretch of Ocean beach and he still had gas in the tank. We’ve also noticed his posture has improved and his back doesn’t arch as much. Being active on a regular basis has really helped with his mobility!

He continues to sleep well through the night and politely waits until you’re up. Then you’re going to get all his beeps and squeaks! After breakfast he will play with his toy duck. He likes you to toss it and play tug of war with him. He’s very gentle! We will take him out on an adventure walk 2-3 times. He does great on leash.

He will do best in a home where someone is present. He prefers not to be alone. He likes to know where you are and if you are out of eyesight he will call out for you in his adorable Chihuahua voice. He just LOVES his humans, and wants nothing more to spend the rest of the evening on your lap, snuggle next to you on the couch.

He does need (wants) a thick blanket in his bed. He loves to burrow himself, and nap in the darkness. He’s a little Houdini and will completely disappear under the blankets!

On Saturdays we take him off leash to Ocean Beach, and he’s excellent with all the dogs, humans and will walk up to 3 miles with you!

After taking a bath, (bathtub preferred) he’ll do the “I’m too clean zoomies” around the house. Blizzard is an active dog who sometimes has puppy energy, but we try not to let him get stressed out or over excited.

If you are someone who’s not away from home for very long or can take Mr.Blizzard with you on all of your adventures, and Looking for a pup with lots of cute attitude, okay with cuddles on the sofa AND in bed, and having a dog who loves you more then anything. Mr. Blizzard is right for you!

He might be 13, but he’s FULL of life and energy!!! We look forward to finding him a forever home.

After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, Blizzard is living life to the fullest in our Hospice Program, under which one of our special hospice families has provided him with a loving home and the very best possible end-of-life care. Please wish Blizzard well!

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