11 lbs (small)
Est. age: 13 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Bindi’s number one favorite hobby is sheep cosplay, but she also enjoys making feta cheese and spinning wool. Underneath that luscious ovine coat is a sweet, friendly girl who is so excited about the bath and makeover that will soon reveal the gorgeous teddy bear within. Bindi can’t see all the things, but she sniffs and bumps her way around just fine. She gets along great with dogs, is popular with people, and is just generally the most delightful little lady.

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Bindi is the epitome of a dog that doesn’t let life get her down! Not when she’s as pretty as she is, with the kind of romantic curls that every girl dreams of! She may be blind, but she still walks around with a pep in her step, and with every expectation that you will give her attention when she wants it.

This poor girl was found as a stray, but she must have had an owner at some point because her housetraining is darn near perfect! She waits to do her business until we take her outside, and given that we have stairs leading down to our backyard and Bindi can’t see, this little girl has no choice but to wait until someone takes her down.

She is pretty smart and sharp for her age, because she figured out the layout of our house within the first day, including where the water bowl is. She can be a little insecure if she thinks she’s all alone in the house, so she will probably do best with someone who can spend most of the day with her. It’s not easy being a blind beauty! Still, once she gets comfortable with you, she shows off her affectionate side and will prance and dance around all excited-like when you walk in the door.

She does well with all kinds of people and dogs, and is never reactive to strangers coming in the house. We have found that she tolerates and enjoys a bland diet and not much in the way of treats.

Her energy level is pretty mellow and we don’t take her out for walks the way we do our other dogs. She does like the sun, though, so we will let her walk around our backyard for a bit and sunbathe when the day is particularly nice. Overall, she is a perfect couch potato partner looking for the right person to share her golden years with!

Meet Bindi!
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