8 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Mr. Bijou is a friendly chicken nugget who is ready to settle into a quiet life. He’s served his country, put in years of hard work, and is really excited for his pension. When we asked how he’d like to spend his days, Bijou said he would like plenty of warm sun-patch naps, soft treats, and snuggles.

Here are some notes from his foster:

Bijou (aka Butter-we nicknamed him) Notes


Very curious, likes to explore A LOT, climbs over things, likes to go under the couch, etc. Better to keep an eye on him or remove more dangerous obstacles

Generally a sleeper during the day

Likes to cuddle up under a blanket and burrow

Either can’t hear very well, or is very stubborn. Doesn’t have name recall or listen to commands. DEF not an off leash dog as he will book it.

Pretty good with other dogs, doesn’t show a huge interest in them, but will greet them briefly if on a walk, or just ignore them completely

Generally mild mannered toward humans as well, doesn’t really crave attention, but will be ok if you pet him or pick him up

Food Habits:

Can’t really eat hard foods, needs to be really soft

Doesn’t really have specific interest in a lot of food, isn’t food motivated

Doesn’t have a set schedule for when he eats, is mostly a grazer

Will DEF need a food riser, as it helps him eat better

Walks/Potty Behavior:

Only had one accident in the house so far, but for the most part potty trained

Will need to go out at least a few times a day as he tends to do multiple pees per walk

Doesn’t have a super set schedule on when he poops, will do it irregularly

Can get energetic at night if not taken out a few times through the day (wants to pace around the house a lot at night if not given some exercise)

Since he’s curious, he will tend to zig zag a lot on walks, wanting to check everything out

Bijou Bijou

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