Chihuahua Mix
Small (6-20 lbs)
Status: Adopted

Beyonce is an adorable, spunky, friendly girl who can’t wait to meet you! This sweet girl will make a loyal companion- all she wants is love! Beyonce is always wagging her tail, loves walks, and is perfect with dogs of all sizes- truly a superstar just like her name suggests! Beyonce is an fabulous gal who is patiently waiting for her forever home!

Beyonce is 10 years young and weighs 12 pounds.

Check out what Beyonce’s foster’s have to say about her:

Beyonce is wonderful. I work from home on my computer so I am home mostly all day. While I’m working she will lay on the bed in the sunshine or lay on the floor next to my chair in a blanket that I have there for her. There’s really not much more to say other than she’s an absolutely wonderful little dog to have around, very sweet and very loving. Beyonce loves to go for walks. Short or long. She is capable of walking quite some distance without getting tired. The longest walk I tried her on was about two and a half miles and she did great. She’s very curious, always sniffing things. Around the home she’s the typical lazy dog just like my other two. She loves to be on my lap. So far she is good with house-training, not one accident in my home.

Beyonce is a lovely lady! She loves being held/cuddling, and is great with potty training. She loves going outside on her walks & exploring the great outdoors. She isn’t really much of a barker, but does make noises to indicate she she needs to go out. Otherwise Beyonce loves napping. She is mellow and though she loves her walks will also snooze the day away in her bed. She is great with most dogs. She is doing great at crate training, occasionally goes on pads but I would say pretty much trained otherwise. She has an adorable tongue that sometimes pokes out. She is an angel and loves sleeping in her bed/on the couch with people. She would make a great companion for a mellow lower energy household.

Beyonce is very mellow & sweet! She enjoys taking naps in the sun & always wants to be close. She is perfectly content curled up in your lap all day. Beyonce could sleep all day if she had her way, but when we go outside, she is very curious & wants to sniff everything. We have two other small dogs & the three of them get along pretty well. Beyonce is house trained! We take her outside every few hours and she always goes to the bathroom. Once Beyonce falls asleep, her little tongue slides out of her mouth. It is too cute!

We’re delighted to report that Beyonce is currently in a loving and caring home!

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