Terrier, Silky/Mix
25 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Hey there Bert! What a face! What a guy! This roly poly cutie makes fans wherever he goes. You’ll be #1 in his club.

Here’s what his foster has to say

Bert is A HOOT!!

His personality is so wonderful and I can’t help but smile when I see his little face. Even when he was not feeling well he never made a fuss.

Bert is so smart and knows how to communicate to get his point across! (Front door for a walk, back door for potty time). What a smarty! He has been great with the 5 cats here, no problems at all.

Bert already has a fan club here comprised of children who nag their Mom (me!) to find out what time Bert is taking his walk.

His little face looking out the gate in anticipation and his little legs ready to go! For an added bonus you should see him run from behind! That’s when his little round rump and those short little legs dare you not to laugh!

I love to hear the kids yell “we love you Bert!” as they run home when his walk is finished. Bert is like a jelly roll of love & joy!

We’re delighted to report that Bert is currently in a loving and caring home!

Bert Bert Bert Bert Bert Bert Bert Bert

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