8 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

White fluff alert! We have a soft white sweetie in our sights, and her name is Berryessa!

This lovely little lady is friendly and sweet. And she gets along well with other dogs. Berryessa is vision impaired, but that won’t stop her from enjoying the scents and sounds of the world. And of course making a beeline right into your lap and your heart!

Berryessa would thrive in a home where someone was around most of the time. She would love a little yard where she could soak up the sun and sniff up her surroundings.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Berryessa is growing more secure and confident every day! Due to her blindness, Berryessa tends to startle a bit when touched. After the initial contact, she enjoys petting or even a little play time! While not a lap dog, she loves being in the presence of her human. She sleeps well in different doggie beds and even an open crate, when placed on my sofa and in my bed at night. Slow, patient walks on leash are progressing.

Berryessa is able to bumble about and go in/out of my doggie door to/from my side yard and at times find her way from the backyard. She can climb up some steps but going down is definitely a challenge and requires some help. A single level home would give her the safest independence.

With a bedding set near the doggie door, her pottying would be almost perfect. I do tend to carry her in and out in the morning, night and during the day for greater success. Diligence is needed due to her blindness since it’s hard for her to find her way about in open spaces.

Also, eating is NOT a problem for this little girl.

Berryessa is a darling fluff – can’t wait til her fur/hair grows in!

We’re delighted to report that Berryessa is currently in a loving and caring home!

Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa Berryessa

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