Bichon Frise
30 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Millie and Bear, both beautiful fluffy Bichons, have been together their whole lives and are looking for a retirement community called Your Home. At Your Home, Bear will enjoy weekly bridge games with the guys while Millie volunteers in the art room. These two need to stay together, as Millie’s limited vision requires Bear to help her get situated in new surroundings. Bear, the largest Bichon Muttville has ever seen, likes to sit near the window and count cars. Millie will snuggle right next to him, regaling him with stories from their childhood. These two will make a great addition to any home!

Notes from their foster:

Mille is a calm easygoing lady. She loves to take naps and enjoys the outdoors. She takes her time to smell and explore on walks, so please don’t rush her. She is very independent, and she does things cautiously due to her limited vision. She’s such a quick learner; she was able to maneuver around the house on the first day I brought her home. Mille doesn’t like to be cuddled, but she loves to lay next to her human and get her back rubbed.

Mille likes to be next to Bear and she grooms him adorably. Mille is a sweet and loving mutt that one would fall in love with easily once you have a chance to spend sometime with her.

Bear is totally a cutie pie. He’s so happy that sometimes time he can’t contain his wiggles. He loves to meet people and other dogs. He’s so happy that he can’t stop smiling. Sometimes, Bear doesn’t reallize that he is a big dog. He thinks he’s a lap dog . Bear loves to eat and he loves to go for walks. He’s a positive guy that loves everything about life!

We’re delighted to report that Bear is currently in a loving and caring home!

Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear Bear