Be Mine

Be Mine

Terrier, Parson Jack Russell
28 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

A Jack Russell Terrier who consistently looks at you with heart shaped eyes and paws at your thighs to get pets. That’s Be Mine! He is the guy who always opens the door for you and pulls out your chair before you sit down. He is the guy who sends a candy gram to you in 4th period geometry class and watches you blush from across the room. But not in a creepy way, just with sweet and thoughtful intentions. Be mine would enjoy a few short walks a day in exchange for your true love. He is great with stairs and other dogs. Really, he’s just a great boy who just wants to wag his nubby little tail into your heart.

Here are some notes from his foster

Be Mine is well-behaved, content, happy for affection but not pushy, willing to be active but happy to lounge around. She is great with people and not particularly interested in other dogs. My little chi thinks she’s just fine. She’s a good-natured, easygoing old gal!

She appears to be housetrained. I’m told she loves a crate, but I don’t have one and she’s been happy to curl up in a dog bed. She’ll occasionally make a foray onto the sofa when she knows she’s welcome. I have heard her bark only once when I opened the front door and somebody surprised us by being right in front of us.

She is happy to go out and can do some fairly vigorous walks in short bursts. She would love to go with me everywhere, but if she’s left behind she takes it in stride and has a nap.

So easy! So sweet! Such a warm, happy presence! Be Mine is a real treasure.

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