Baby Girl

Baby Girl

10 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

We have the cream of the crop! The apple of everyone’s eye! Her name is Baby Girl, and she is going to make all of your wishes come true. Nothing like a genie in a bottle would do. She can do it all on her own, no tricks, no illusions. You want a friendly Chihuahua? Done. Someone to cuddle with after work? Not a problem. How about a best friend to give the other half of your heart shaped BFF necklace to? That can be arranged. All you must do is bring this perfect girl home, and all your wishes will come true! Tongue included!

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Baby Girl may not have all her pearly whites or none at all, but she’s got spunk! She has a natural talent for cuddles and a knack for stealing hearts. Don’t let her size fool you – she may be tiny, but her presence is larger than life!

She’s a connoisseur of naps and belly rubs, and she’s learning to enjoy a walk on a leash although I’m pretty sure she’d prefer being carried around like the queen she is. She is on the lookout for a family who will appreciate her quirks, like being handed small pieces of chicken. She does well with other dogs and loves company.

Baby Girl Baby Girl Baby Girl Baby Girl Baby Girl