14 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Is there anything more delicious than Babka? Especially the four legged senior mutt version?

This leggy chocolate sweetie is looking for love. She’s agile and active for her age and enjoys exploring new scents and sights. Follow that up with some quality cuddle time and you have the perfect day! Babka previously lived with other dogs and might be a good fit for a multi-dog household.

Here’s a note from her foster:

Babka is the sweetest little nugget of cuteness! She’s very affectionate, and loves lap snuggles and giving kisses. In the mornings she’s very energetic and bounces around. Babka likes long walks in the morning and her little legs can carry her pretty fast and far! Afterwards, she breaks up her days into multi-hour nap chunks. This is a serious endeavor. She is a world champion napper!

Babka appears to be crate-trained, she hops right in and enjoys napping/sleeping overnight in there. Prior to getting the crate she had a few accidents, and she may have a few at first when she’s adjusting to new surroundings but she generally appears to be house-trained.

Babka does well with our senior pittie, Fred. He has very gentle submissive energy. She would do well with a similarly mellow dog, or as an only dog. Babka is tentative around other dogs out on the street. Mostly she wants to cruise along and see the sights – she’s a curious little gal with a lust for life!

It’s lovely coming home to Babka, who is always thrilled to see her people return – she is beside herself with excitement when we walk in the door. She makes the cutest little noises. Otherwise she’s pretty mellow and sweet throughout the day, and doesn’t tend to bark. She is truly a perfect little lovebug!

We’re delighted to report that Babka is currently in a loving and caring home!

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