16 lbs (small)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Austin is such a special little potato with such a sweet and soft personality. Austin is a shy little guy with so much love to give. Even though he can be a bit nervous at first, he is so sweet and wants to love everyone so badly! We’ve all been there, going to a party where you only know the birthday pup is so hard!! But this brave boy will do whatever it takes to win you over, he just asks for some snacks in return. Fair enough, Austin!

Here’s a note from his foster:

Austin is like a whole new dog since he came home with me a few weeks ago! He’s just happy and playful and has great energy, and I can tell he feels really good. He’s not as anxious anymore and is much more comfortable with being touched and picked up. He still loves chest scratches, but will now accept belly rubs and affectionate petting without hesitation.

He loves to go for walks and is very well behaved. He does well with the collar and harness and will walk right next to me. He has so much more confidence and loves to be outside.

I took him home with me for the holiday and he did GREAT! He was best buds with my parents’ dog – he followed Corey around and always wanted to play! They would hang out in the backyard together and run around on the grass and enjoy the sunshine. He also really liked having people around. He warmed up to my family very quickly and loved getting pets from everyone.

Austin has come a long way and I’m really confident he’ll do well in a new home with someone that’s willing to be patient and loving with him!

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