4 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Born with knowledge and direction, Atlas knows exactly where he wants to end up on his journey called life. Just a tiny tan Chihuahua who is looking to find a warm and cozy house to move in to. A cuddle buddy who doesn’t mind giving him an occasional treat. A delicious breakfast and dinner. And the perfect cozy bed to sleep in. He really doesn’t ask for very much! Wombat is extremely friendly and really enjoys conversing with other dogs and people about the wonders of the world!

Here are some notes from his foster:

Let me tell you a little about this teeny tiny boy with a big heart: ATLAS! From what we can tell he is around 7 years old and definitely still acts like a puppy! Atlas is a whopping 4.5lbs! He has two wonky back legs but that doesn’t stop him from racing around the house at the speed of light! We are currently working on getting him potty trained but have had some challenges due to all of the rain! He goes potty immediately after waking up (both number 1 and number 2) so if you take him outside right away you can prevent him from going in the house! We are also currently using belly bands! Atlas loves to eat and loves treats, he is a very very happy boy and does a lot of spins when he is excited. He also enjoys being carried and is easily handled. I have set up some doggy stairs that he is able to use to get on to the couch. In terms of walks, he likes to go out and do his business, sniff a little and then either go home or be put into a pouch and carried. He is very quiet and does not bark. He gets a long well with other small and medium size dogs but can get a little mouthy if there are large dogs around. He has good recall and follows me around the house! Overall, he has been a very sweet and easy foster, he sleeps through the night and is great at taking naps and watching tv on the couch but also loves going on adventures in a bag or backpack!

We’re delighted to report that Atlas is currently in a loving and caring home!

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