12 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Ariel is an energetic little snuggler with the peppy personality of a gal half her age. When she’s not busy begging for belly rubs, Ariel volunteers at a cosmetology school, which explains her signature hodgepodge of red, black, brown, blonde, and silver hair. You should see her when the students practice their contouring techniques. Hello, police? We’ve found a missing Kardashian! Is there a reward, by any chance?

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Ariel is a tiny little love bug! A charming combination of calm & cuddly mixed with spunky fun.

She’s friendly with people and is fine with meeting strangers. She settles into new surroundings quickly.

On walks, she’s a bundle of energy. She’s always very happy and excited to go outside and prance down the street! And then another street! And then another! She can just keep going. She does a little exploring with multiple pee tinkles, but she keeps things moving quickly. She even enjoys a little bit of jogging if you’re up for it.

Despite her tiny body, she adorably hops up and down full sets of stairs without any issue.

Her tail is almost always wagging, and her floppy little ears always bounce as she walks…super cute!

In her down time, she enjoys peaceful naps. She’s a loving little lady and likes to come around for cuddles. She loves getting tummy rubs. We can tell she just really wants to be loved and spend time with someone. She likes to jump up on the couch or your lap (and probably the bed, if you let her) to be with you. She had no issue sleeping at night in her dog bed.

She seems totally house trained and knows to pee/poop outside in the grass. She even looked at the door to tell us she needed to "go sometimes!

She’s very quiet. She barked once at a cat outside and she does a few barks if she hears someone right outside the front door. Way to go, guard-princess! She doesn’t mind voices and other daily sounds.

She’s fine with car rides; she naps or looks out the window.

She doesn’t seem to be too treat-motivated (at least the ones we had on hand). We did get her to sit a couple times by using treats. She was a little picky about food and we realized she doesn’t like the duck canned food. She enjoyed some chicken/turkey canned food instead. She is starting to have a very healthy appetite. So she’s just adjusting =)

She gets a short burst of extra energy sometimes in the late evening, which last for maybe 10 minutes. She gets hyper and wiggly before she calms down again.

She doesn’t seem to know actual commands, but who needs to "sit when you’re this cute anyway?? She’s a very good girl, nonetheless.

We’re delighted to report that Ariel is currently in a loving and caring home!

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