4 lbs (toy)
Status: Adopted

Do not underestimate April. Yes, at 4 pounds, she is technically tiny. Her wide eyes and hyper cute ears may conjure thoughts of helpless adorability. Lord knows she is sweet. But hold it right there. April is also brainy: She recently learned to use a dog door (so much for the old-dogs-new-tricks myth). She has hops: Meet her on the couch, no pick-up necessary. She also likes kiddos, walks, other dogs, all the people, and as many cuddles as you can fit into your tight schedule. Itty bitty in stature, gigantic on intangibles – April is the chi of your future.

Some notes from her foster:

April is just the sweetest little lady, with an emphasis on little! The three adjectives I’d use to describe her are soft, observant, and snuggly.

April is still coming around each day as she adjusts to this transition. Each day, she is opening up, albeit slowly. She is the quietest gal, relaxing most of the day on her bed or snuggling into your lap. Her new milestone as of yesterday is getting up from her bed to greet you with an excited circle and tail wag when you return. Then she jumps back into bed to watch you and sleep.

April found comfort in my 16-year-old niece, the first person she really showed interest in – she crawled in her lap and fell asleep. If April had her choice, her new home might include a mature kid to call her own or some grandchildren to stop by and say hi. (Not a deal breaker, but noted that she loves teenagers.)

April is 100% pee-pad trained and has had no accidents. I’m trying to establish a routine of going potty outside, but so far, she will hold it until a pee pad is available. At least there have been no accidents! Pee pads must have been her norm in her past life.

April is good with other dogs but has yet to show much interest in them. She avoids most dogs because she is so tiny, but she gets along well with everyone. If April went to a home with another dog, this might help her come out of her shell. Again, this is not a deal breaker, but who wouldn’t want a canine best pal to show you the ropes?

April is fairly agile, can jump on chairs, and does well with steps. She doesn’t mind car rides. She walks well on a leash, but since recovering from her dental/spay last week, doesn’t require too much of a walk.

April is a good eater. She is a little underweight, so I’ve spread her feedings out to three times a day. She is eating Just Food for Dogs twice a day and low-sodium turkey breast for her meds, which she loves!

As each day passes, this little sweet pea shows a tiny bit more of her personality. She’ll be a great companion for someone who wants a quiet, low-key little lady to care for and love.

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