Anne Marie

Anne Marie

49 lbs (medium)
Est. age: 12 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

Anne Marie is 45 pounds of pure perfection. When you say her name you can expect her to step right up to offer her noggin for some pets. She will put her head into your hand and look up at you with her big, brown eyes as if to say, "who, me? you want to pet me? Yes, Anne Marie, we do. Forever.

Here’s what her foster has to say about her:

“Anne Marie is a very sweet, somewhat shy girl. She has a cautious approach to new situations and yet, is very tolerant. Generally, she prefers a calm, quiet environment with a set daily routine. She is a great guard dog, and you will find her paying attention to unexpected sounds around the house. She will bark to get your attention but also promptly quiet down after alerting us to the perceived ‘intruder/danger’.

Anne Marie is quite healthy for her age and loves to go on little strolls around the neighborhood. She slows down if there is an uphill incline but is overall quite enthusiastic about her outside time. She is very friendly and has a wonderful temperament. She will give you a "sit and a "handshake in exchange for her favorite bacon treats. She likes to chase a tennis ball around and can be quite playful if she’s feeling up to it. She is independent and will do well in a home with or without other pets.

Anne Marie is completely potty trained and has not had any accidents at home. She is also very smart and vocal – she will indicate with a polite but persistent whine and a paw motion if she wants to go outside. She will be an excellent companion for any home as long as she gets a walk and/or playtime, a little downtime by herself to snooze in peace and regular loving and petting. "

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