Spaniel, Cocker
29 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Alley-Oop is the life of the party!

This playful and busy Cocker Spaniel boy likes part of the action, whether it be playing, kissing, or cuddling. Does his little nubbin tail ever stop wagging? Not that we can tell. Alley-Oop is just that happy! You’ll be happy too once you meet this charmer.

Alley-Oop may be vision impaired but he would do well in any understanding home that will give him a chance, even with kids!

Here’s a note from his foster family!

Alley-Oop is a total sweetheart. He can be really goofy, especially when he knows it’s time for a walk or food, and he shakes his whole butt when he wags his tail in excitement! He knows how to work his cute angles when he wants pets, and he does that cute thing where he sticks his nose into your hand to show he wants some love. For an 11 year old dog, he has a good amount of energy. We’ve been taking him on walks around a few blocks several times a day, and he can definitely make it a mile or two. He has a hard time with stairs, so we’ve been carrying him up our one flight of stairs. Alley-Oop loves absolutely all people and other dogs!

We’re delighted to report that Alley-Oop is currently in a loving and caring home!

Alley-Oop Alley-Oop Alley-Oop Alley-Oop Alley-Oop Alley-Oop