Havanese/Bichon Frise
21 lbs (medium)
Status: Adopted

Meet Alfie, the poodle so fine, A sweet and friendly fellow, a true canine. With a fluffy coat of curly delight, he prances around like a charming sight. He is a delightful and charming poodle with a heart full of love and a passion for life. Alfie is an affectionate and friendly guy who will melt your heart with his sweet nature and wagging tail. Alfie also possesses exceptional social skills. He gets along famously with other dogs, making him an ideal playmate at the local park or during playdates. Alfie’s friendly demeanor and gentle personality ensure that he is a welcome addition to any doggy gathering. Alfie is a loyal friend, a furry confidant, and a source of endless happiness. Whether you’re in the mood for a cuddle on the couch or an adventure in the great outdoors, Alfie is always ready to be by your side, bringing love, laughter, and a touch of poodle magic to your life. So if you seek a poodle that’s full of cheer,

Alfie is the one you’ll want to be near. He’ll bring laughter and love, that’s for sure, a sweet and friendly guy you can’t ignore.

We’re delighted to report that Alfie is currently in a loving and caring home!

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