16 lbs (small)
Est. age: 9 yrs
Status: Available

This elderly mutt might not have the best vision, but he can still get around great and count cards at casinos. Alexander is a scruffy little dude who had a lengthy career in treat gathering but is now ready to retire and let you do all the work. He’s used to a lot of treats, so you better get ready.

Here’s some notes from his foster:

Alex has fully come out of his shell and is such a doll! He practices his “learn and be curious” every day , he loves to explore and wants to be involved in all the things you are doing. He just loves to be with his people.

He is happy to hang out with me at my home office and even has been to SF to go to work, he took the BART and he was a perfect boy and everyone loved him. Alex is terrific with other dogs, and has shown to be very fun loving with other pups.

Alex is potty trained but when he is inside, he is happy to wear his belly band with no issues. Alex is an early riser and he is super happy and running all over the place in the morning , it’s very cute. He will help you start your day bright and early, and put a smile on your face. I adore this boy!

Alexander Alexander