13 lbs (small)
Status: Adopted

Here’s some notes from her foster:

Akiko is such a sweetie and would make a great companion in a loving, pet-free home that can accommodate a blind dog (no stairs, etc).

When she first arrived at our home, Akiko took an hour or so to map it out before settling down. The first few days and nights with us, she was aware if one of her foster family moved or left the room. After a few days, she was more likely to stay asleep or on the couch after one or more of us moved to another room. The sound of someone nearby seemed to be enough reassurance, and she slept often and more fully. Overnight, she would sometimes start the night in her bed or another soft spot on the floor, but always ends up snuggling in bed with her humans.

Akiko is a sweetheart and is comfortable and friendly when meeting new people. She clearly loves human contact a lot. She’s super happy to snuggle on the couch, either in a lap, up against someone sitting on the couch, or balled up in her little bed near her humans. Being blind, she sometimes needs a little help to find people, especially when everyone is quiet. She responds quickly to being called, and we’ve found that kissing noises or finger snapping help her to locate us. Tapping on her newly filled food bowl helps her locate the bowl and know it’s time to eat.

It seems likely that Akiko was at one point potty trained or at least paper trained. She waits until she is outside. We take her out consistently am, noon-ish, and before bed.

Though (or possibly because) she is blind, Akiko is hyper aware of other dogs’ presence. Whether in an open field, dog park, or city sidewalk, it stresses her out because she can’t see who is approaching her. Akiko should be kept on a short leash when in an area with other dogs or in public

She loves people, snuggles, naps, Exploring (lots of happy sniffing and wandering on short walks or in wide-open spaces), food, and she does pretty good with baths and car rides!

We’re delighted to report that Akiko is currently in a loving and caring home!

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