Chihuahua, Short Coat
6 lbs (toy)
Est. age: 10 yrs
Status: Available

How to Adopt

You know what’s missing from your life? A velvety, miniature, spindly, personal hug-pillow named Acorn. We nailed it, right? This sweet girl starts off shy but will end up snuggling you like a baby koala if you have the right mellow vibe. She will be the subject of many OOOOHs and AAAAHs as you toddle down the street together. (Unless you happen to be super cute too, in which case maybe some of those reactions will be directed at you.)

Here’s some notes from her foster:

She is a sweet little "beasty, that’s our nickname for her. She is shy but after a little bit, she

showers you with love.

She loves walks, watching movies and snuggling 24/7. She is very selective on the dog food type she will eat. She likes human food so before seasoning our food ( chicken soup etc) I put aside a bit of it for Acorn so she can eat it. Dinner is her biggest meal ( around 3:30-4 pm) sometimes she will eat breakfast but sometimes she will not.

She is great with kids, other dogs and stairs. She is potty trained but definitely needs to get adjusted to a new home.

She definitely likes to hide under blankets but will come out if you sit next to her. She will put her little head under your hand and that will be the clue that you need to proceed with head petting…

Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn Acorn