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Thank you so much for your interest in becoming a Muttville volunteer. Our work depends on the kind help of people like you. Contact us with any questions you have about filling out this application.

General Information

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What Brought You To Muttville

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How would you like to help out at Muttville?

Please select NO MORE THAN THREE interests that best suit your qualifications, and provide the additional information requested for each.

Muttville holds adoption events every Saturday and Sunday from 12-4pm at our HQ. We need volunteers who enjoy working with people and are enthusiastic about promoting animal adoption to help set up, talk to the public about our organization, care for the dogs during the event, and promote adoptions.

Do you love mutts and want to share that love with the public? Outreach is a dynamic and fun way to spread our message to folks who may not necessarily know about us. No experience required, just a friendly demeanor, a passion for senior dogs, and a desire to help grow the Muttville community of adopters, fosters, volunteers, and mutt guardians. These events occur at all different times/locations and may require a little travel. We'd love to have you!

While it is not required to have a car to volunteer for outreach events, it helps us to know which volunteers on this team are able to assist in transporting equipment, materials, other volunteers and/or dogs to events.

Do you have a driver's license?    
Do you own or have regular access to a car?    

Members of this team will be on call to transport our dogs to and from adoption events, vet appointments, shelters, and foster homes. On occasion, team members may be asked to perform a home-safety check.

Transport volunteers must provide proof of a current, valid state-issued driver's license, as well as current automobile insurance.

Do you own or have regular access to a vehicle?    
Some of our transport needs are last-minute and time-sensitive. Are you available for such calls?    

Over at Muttville HQ, volunteers are crucial in helping to keep our administrative systems maintained and functioning well. We need help with everything administrative, including data entry, mailings, correspondence, and many other day-to-day tasks.

Do you have internet access from home?    

Muttville holds a number of special fundraising events throughout the year that are a major source of our revenue. We need volunteers to help in every stage of planning and facilitating these special events.

Muttville's "Seniors for Seniors" program matches our senior dogs with senior citizens. This program has great growth potential and needs development now. We are looking to build a strong program team that will include volunteers to help create the program handbook, identify and connect with pet-friendly senior homes, and implement adoption counseling for seniors and other components of this unique program.

If you have an interest and skill in social media networking, graphic design, production, web or app development, copywriting, photography, videography, or online marketing, Muttville could use your talents for the creation of print/web marketing collateral (flyers, posters, ads, merchandise, web banners/mini-sites, dog profile descriptions, photos, videos), and social media networking (writing/posting to our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat).

Muttville gets a good deal of press, but we need folks who have some experience reaching out to media. We're looking for folks who can write and distribute press releases, newsletters, etc.

Muttville offers support to our new adopters and foster homes. We are looking for certified dog trainers and behavioral specialists to work directly with our new adopters and foster families.

We need help keeping Muttville HQ clean, safe, and operational. Shifts are available 7 days a week working at the Muttville HQ in San Francisco’s Mission neighborhood. Volunteers on this team must be willing to pick up and clean up after dogs, bathe and walk dogs, do laundry, sweep and mop, and do dishes. We ask for a commitment of at least three hours per week. Any experienced veterinarian technicians, contractors, handy-persons or landscapers are encouraged to join us, as well! Our regular shifts are breakfast (7:30/8-10:30/11am), midday (12-3pm), dinner (4:30/5-7:30/8pm).

Muttville gets a LOT of much-needed donations of supplies and equipment for the pooches, and we desperately need skilled organizers to maintain our storage room. Volunteers will work on a weekly basis to cull through, organize, and maintain the supplies that live in the Muttville storage room and garage.

Place of Employment

Why are we asking for this? Many companies match the volunteer efforts of their employees with dollar donations. If yours does, we want to take advantage of their generosity. After all, it's all for the dogs!


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